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An Estate Plan

Protects the Ones You Love

And Gives You Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind Plan

Are you worried you might:

• Leave a mess for your survivors?
• Lose control over who inherits?
• Be remembered as disorganized         and irresponsible?
• Leave a legacy of confusion and ill       will?

Are you ready to make a plan that:

• Promotes family harmony;
• Has you control to whom                       your assets pass;
• Properly reflects your care and             diligence; and
• Leaves a positive legacy for your         family.


NEET is a big believer in planning. But to plan effectively, you need to be able to make informed decisions.

NEET’s Peace of Mind Plan places you in a position to make informed decisions before agreeing to move forward.

You will receive a free consultation and fixed price before committing to anything. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Schedule Free Consultation and Complete Questionnaire


Meet to Discuss Options and Receive Fixed Price Proposal


Inform NEET If You Want To Begin Creating Your Estate Plan



Incapacity Planning

Being prepared for an accident, illness,

or dementia.


A complete estate plan appropriate for

most families.


Estate planning for families needing to address

specific circumstances.


Wrapping up the legal and financial affairs of a

loved one.

Advanced Planning

Tools for reducing estate taxes and making

charitable gifts.

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About NEET

Trust Adam Bartsch To Guide You Through the Estate Planning Process

I know what it feels like when meeting an attorney the first time. Will they communicate clearly and explain issues in terms that you can understand? Will they be someone you can trust to prioritize your interests? Will they have experience and knowledge of the relevant laws? Will they be organized, detail-oriented, and thorough in their job? In short, will they make the estate planning process less overwhelming?

What you need in an attorney is a guide and a partner who will work with you, not merely for you. Adam is that guide who will lay out your estate planning options, explain the pros and cons of each approach, offer solutions that best meet your situation, and draft the estate plan documents. We will then jointly review the documents, edit as needed, and sign them. The end result is that you can rest easy knowing that your wishes are on paper. Let Adam be your guide and your partner to lift this burden from your shoulders.



Vermont Bar



Massachusetts Bar



New York Bar






Wealth Counsel

About Neet
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The Benefits of Working with the Right Attorney

Clear Explanations

"It was wonderful to have the range of estate planning issues and options clearly explained so we were able to make informed decisions."
J.H. from Burlington

Patient Listener

"Adam listens carefully and explains carefully. His responses show understanding of the client's situation, concerns, and needs."
W.C. from Shelburne

Attention to Detail

"NEET provided me with a stress-free process while working through a set of complex documents. It was done in a friendly, informative, organized and meticulous manner."
A.L. from Jericho

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Value Proposition
Park in the Fall

“Survivor’s Guide: What to Do When a Loved One Dies”

The death of a family member or close friend can be a particularly difficult time.

Certain tasks need to be addressed, even during a time of emotional loss.

This free guide provides a step-by-step plan for what to do immediately before and the days and weeks after a loved one dies.

Get a Free Copy of the "Survivor's Guide" Today

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