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Creating An Estate Plan Should Not Be So Difficult

Everyone wants to avoid leaving a mess for their family to clean up. You want to be organized,
responsible, and most importantly, leave a positive legacy that will have a meaningful impact on your
children and grandchildren. In order to do that, you need to plan ahead and create an estate plan that
reflects your wishes.

The problem is that the laws are complex, the estate planning process can be intimidating, and the cost is unknown. This makes you feel overwhelmed and hesitant to begin what you know deep down you should be doing, that is, getting your affairs in order.

NEET believes this conflict of desiring an estate plan but fearing to engage in the process is a travesty.
We understand that you feel overwhelmed and are hesitant to take that first step. That’s why NEET
offers its Peace of Mind Plan.

Here is how it works. First, you schedule a free consultation and NEET will mail you an overview of the firm that includes a short questionnaire that will make the first meeting more productive. You complete the questionnaire and bring it to the first meeting or mail it ahead of time. If we are meeting on a Zoom conference or on the phone, you may email or mail the questionnaire to NEET.


Second, we will meet to review your goals and discuss the estate planning options that are most appropriate for your situation. In most cases, NEET will be able to give you a fixed price for the proposed estate plan, so that you know the final cost before you decide whether to move forward.


Third, you decide if you want to proceed with NEET to create your estate plan.

There is absolutely no pressure to move forward, and you are welcome to respond only when you are
ready to put your plan on paper so it will be legally enforceable.

Join hundreds of other NEET clients so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and risk waiting until it is too late. Start the process today by scheduling the free consultation. You will then be on the path of
promoting family harmony, being organized and responsible, and leaving a positive legacy for your

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