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  • Adam Bartsch

What to Do After an Alzheimer's Diagnosis

You noticed some changes. Some more pronounced than others. You raised your concerns with your doctor and took some cognitive tests. Now an unwelcome reality is settling in: Alzheimer’s disease has hit home. Whether you are the patient, spouse or family caregiver, it will take some time to adjust to this new reality.

During this first few weeks, denial is common and not always bad. It buys the time needed to absorb this life-changing event. However, denial should give way to accepting the diagnosis and taking steps to adjust to the new circumstances. This NEET Notes lists what should be some of your first steps following acceptance of an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, including educating yourself about the disease, putting some long–term plans in place, adjusting your lifestyle to better accommodate the disease, taking proactive steps if you are still employed, and some health considerations.

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2020 - 09, What to Do After Alzheimer's
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