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  • Adam Bartsch

Planning a Funeral

Few of us know much about funeral planning. And that can be a problem. When we need funeral services for a loved one who has died, we must make a lot of decisions in a short amount of time, and under great emotional stress. It’s simply a bad situation to be in, But if you don’t plan ahead, it will happen to you and you will regret it.

Doing a little research will uncover a lot of information you can use to make thoughtful decisions for your loved ones, and even yourself. It will also clear away a lot of misconceptions you might have about funerals in general. For instance, do you need a funeral home to manage the funeral process? No. Some people will want to involve a funeral home, but family members can obtain death certificates and burial permits, as well as transport and care for the body, which might be appropriate if a direct cremation and home-based memorial service is desired. Is embalming required? No. Embalming makes sense if a traditional funeral is planned, with a viewing and burial ceremony. But if cremation or a green burial is chosen, embalming is not needed.

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2020 - 07, Planning a Funeral
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