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  • Adam Bartsch

Are Advance Directives Working As Intended?

Advance directives have been around nearly 50 years. Are they working as intended?

For instance, have most citizens completed an advance directive, and if not, what are some of the reasons more people have not? How often is end-of-life care consistent with patients’ wishes? Will your doctor honor your expressed end-of-life care wishes, and what are your options for improving the chances your doctor will?

This NEET Notes looks at these questions and related issues in an attempt to gauge the effectiveness of this important incapacity planning document.

How Prevalent are Advance Directives? In a 2017 study, the authors found that 36.7 percent of 795,909 people analyzed had either an advance directive or a living will, or both.

To read further, please click the PDF link below . . .

2021 - 07, Are Advance Directives Working as Intended
Download PDF • 1.16MB

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